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Alex Kovacs Metal Wall Sculptures Posting Page
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Metal Wall Art Designed by Wilmos Kovacs
Availability: Some of my sculptures I have in stock and others are made to order. Either way, it will ship out in 1 to 2 weeks.

If you need changes done to it, let me know. I could not possibly make it the exact way again, but safe to say, that the sculpture you will receive will be nicer, than the one you see here due to being extra careful on my side. Most of the times it takes just under one week before it is in the mail. You will receive pictures of your metal sculpture before I pack it up and send it out to you.

I thought you would like to know about these kinds of unique wall sculptures you are seeing on these pages. Nobody tells you anything, so let's be honest for a change-READ ON!

My name is Wilmos Kovacs. You are buying an original Alex Kovacs design made by myself in a certain quality, most of the others can not produce for you. Iam a relative of Mr. Kovacs, who has personally taught me how to make his sculptures that he invented and developed in 2006. When other artists realized how beautiful and sought after his sculptures were, they dropped what they were doing at the time, and shifted to produce metal wall sculptures in the popular Alex Kovacs's style. You can browse through his artwork to see it for yourself, here on this website, on, or at the eBay store called the "Metal Sculpture Land of Alex Kovacs."By the way if you would like to know more about his sculptures and Alex Kovacs himself, just read the "About Me"section located at the top of this website.

Machine shops opened accounts under fancy names, and are selling production designs over and over. Search the web, you will find these dull copies of his artwork all over at the virtual art galleries!

Mr. Kovacs being an older fellow, asked me to carry the torch for him, and as you can see, I jumped on the opportunity. He could not compete against the onslaught mass production of his wall sculptures, being copied nowadays all over the world.

A few reasons why the quality of my work can not be matched by most of the others in the metal sculpture category:

1: I use hardened machine aluminum plates, at least .062 thick, that are not warped.

2: I grind the designs using sanding discs that wear down and clog fast, and they are expensive. (I do not use a hard wire brush where you will not get this fabulous "holographic" effect.)

3: You will not see me make a sculpture out of more than five plates, to simplify the timely tasks it takes to hang them in a straight and even line.

4: My hangers and spacers are hand fabricated (accurately mounted for easy hanging) and glued on with an industrial epoxy made for aluminum. It will never come apart or shift like foam tapes, that get a little sun shining on them.

5: You don't have to prepare and bend any of these hangers into position by hand! Simply take the plates out of the box, and they are ready to hang! Keep away from wooden backings, they pick up moisture and warp! All of my work is coated in automotive lacquer after painting, no bare aluminum will ever oxidize, like many of the sculptures on todays market.

6: I will not trick you by unrealistically large above couch illusions in my listings, neither with touched up photographs! What you get from me, will look better in person, no room for disappointments here.

7: If "Original" means anything to you, keep in mind, that I'm the only artist who proudly states the fact that my work is done in the already well known Alex Kovacs's style!

I'm a person of honesty and truth, and I back all of the above descriptions.


Wilmos Kovacs


by: Alex Kovacs Metal Wall Sculptures

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